Strings, cases and accessories

  • Cases for fine instruments and bows (Musafia, Riboni, Gewa, Negri, Gordge...),
  • Chin and shoulder rests available in various models,
  • Mutes, peg soap, cleaning cloths and much more,
  • Gut, synthetic and steel core strings, Baroque strings :
    - Pirastro : Oliv, Eudoxa, Tonika, Synoxa, Obligato, Eva Pirazzi, etc. ;
    - Thomastik-Infeld : Vision (Titanium, Solo, Orchestra ...), Dominant, Spirocore, Infeld, etc. ;
    - Corelli: Crystal, Alliance, Corelli ;
    - DÁddario : Helicore, Zyex ;
    - Warchal: Brilliant, Karneol, Ametyst, Nefrit etc. ;
    - Dlugolecki, Armonica,
    and blank gut core strings for Baroque instruments : Larsen, Jargar, etc.,
  • Rosins : Hill, Kaplan, Pirastro, Liebenzeller, Bernadel, Kolstein, etc.