Salzburg Violin Shop Mücke-Elschek, Violinmaker & Bow maker, Restorer and Dealer of Fine Instruments in Salzburg - Violins, Violas, Cellos and their Bows. Full range of strings, cases and accessories. - NF

In English: Our violin workshop offers the following services: The sale of fine old and modern violins, violas and cellos from Italy, France, Austria and Germany. We also offer German and French bows. Likewise we also acquire fine instruments and bows. We produce new instruments and hand crafted bows in various models. We specialise in restoration, maintenance and tonal adjustments of instruments. Adrian is also specialised in bow making and restoration, which includes rehairing bows and optimal adjustments. Advice on all queries concerning your instrument. We offer a large selection of strings, cases and accessories for stringed instruments.

Bow repairs Rehairing, Bending the stick, Balance of the bow, Silver or silk lapping, Thumb piece or protective leather, Fitting a new ivory, mammoth or silver face plate, Repairing the frog, stick or head of the bow.

Advice Inspecting condition of instrument, Choice of strings, Tonal adjustments, Insurance valuations and appraisals, Storage and care of instruments, Photographing instruments and bows for documentation purposes.

Maintenance Renewing the fingerboard, Planing the fingerboard, Renewing or refitting pegs, Protective varnishing, retouching the varnish and sealing the top rib, Gluing of all kinds.

Instruments & bows We offer instruments from our own production and have an extensive selection of German, Austrian, French and Italian violins ranging from the 18th to 20th Century. We also offfer German, English and French bows. Please feel free to conact us or visit our workshop, so that we may be of further assistance. Listed below are some instruments from our collection. The Viennese School is represented by: Geissenhof, Petz, Lemböck, Stauffer, Pröller... Gallerie of Instruments und Bows

Tonal adjustments Fitting a new bridge, Refitting a soundpost, Correcting the neck with a fingerboard or resetting a new bridge, Advice on fitting strings.

Violin and Bow Makers - Restoration Mücke - Elschek Salzburg Adress & Contact Restoration Neckgrafting, Bushing pegholes, Opening instruments, Fitting a new bassbar (with a patch or cleats), Repairing cracks, Replacing worn corners and edges, Fitting a soundpost patch, Correction of the neck angle or resetting the neck.

Strings, cases and accessories Cases for fine instruments and bows (Musafia, Riboni, Gewa, Negri, Gordge...), Chin and shoulder rests available in various models, Mutes, peg soap, cleaning cloths and much more, Gut, synthetic and steel core strings, Baroque strings (Pirastro: Oliv, Eudoxa, Tonika, Synoxa, Obligato, Eva Pirazzi etc.; Thomastik-Infeld: Dominant, Spirocore, Infeld, etc.; Corelli: Crystal, Alliance; DÁddario: Helicore, Zyex, etc.; Larsen; Jargar etc. Dlugolecki, Armonica, blank gut core strings for Baroque instruments), Rosins: Hill, Kaplan, Pirastro, Liebenzeller, Bernadel, Kolstein etc.

We moved to Salzburg in 1998 to open our own violin making workshop. The main part of our business entails restoration work and maintenance of local masterpieces. We are specialised in tonal adjustments and adjustments of bows, both of us having many years experience in this field. Apart from repairs we also make new instruments, do appraisals and provenances of fine old and modern masterpieces plus bows. Adrian Elschek Gesine Mücke-Elschek

Adrian Elschek was born 1964 in Bratislava (Slovakia). From 1980-1985 he attended the fine instrument making school in Kraslice (Czech Republic). Subsequently he studied wood technology at the Technical University in Zvolen (Slovakia), where he received his diploma in 1989. In the same year he went to study at the Cremonese school of violin making (Italy). Besides training to make violins, violas and cellos he learnt to hand craft bows and restore fine instruments. He received diplomas in each of the above categories. In 1995 he returned to Bratislava to open his own violin and bow making workshop within the University of Music and Dramatic Arts. During this time he was also a lecturer for fine instrument making, for string players, in Bratislava and at the Technical University in Zvolen. Since 1998 Adrian and his wife Gesine run their own workshop in Salzburg (Austria).

Gesine Mücke-Elschek was born 1967 in Cologne (Germany). From 1990-1994 she attended the Cremonese school of violin making. During this time she learnt to make violins, vioals and cellos; at the same time she experimented with varnish making and the restoration of fine instruments From 1995 until 1997 she worked for master craftsman Johann Rombach in Vienna. Here she gained expertise in restoration and maintenance of instruments. In 1997 she received her Geigenbaumeister (master craftsman) certificate in Innsbruck, so that she could set up her own workshop in Salzburg Since 2001 she has been a lecturer for fine string instrument making at the University of Music and Dramatic Arts Mozarteum in Salzburg.